Tuesday, May 4, 2021


A Message from the Publisher


First, thank you to the people who supported my return to making comic books. You are my first fans.  Second, this is more than a thank you. Let me share my dreams and ideas for Hip Hop Comix N Flix.  Last year, I planned to make a prequel comic book to the movies I scheduled for release. The quarantine caused me to switch gears and focus more on comic books. I started my writing career in 2004 with screenwriting and creating low budget, horror movies. Audiences were hungry for horror films.  With my novels, I focused on science fiction stories. Now, with my comic books, I am writing them as tie-in stories to my movies. My comics were horror stories. Planet Alkebulan was the first comic book story I wrote that wasn’t a horror and it was my second Kickstarter project.  Planet Alkebulan is a Sword and Soul story, think of it as Conan the Barbarian in Space.  Twa Man Black to Business introduces my first superhero.  With my comics I am able to infuse African History and futurism. 

I am actively working on many comic book stories. For instance, Planet Alkebulan is going to be a three book series. The illustrator, Jorge, is already working on the second issue. It will conclude with the introduction of my first super villain, YaCub. YaCub will bring together all of my other characters into my own multiverse, The HollaVerse. My next Kickstarter project will come in June and feature FangerNails and the Twa Man. 

There is a one-page comic strip featuring Super BlackSuper Black generated a great deal of interest.  Super Black came to me as a quick political piece, and it connected with many people. I am developing it into a comic strip.  Every issue of Twa Man will include a few pages of Super Black’s story.

In addition to those stories, I am developing a comic for my post-apocalyptic series The Harlem Shake. The preliminary title is The Harlemite. The Harlemite is the story of a young boy who survived the Harlem Shake.

Lastly, I will continue to write the horror comics that are in development.  I plan to transition some of those characters in my horror movies to the comics. 

This summer my fourth movie, The Black Nun, is scheduled for release. The comic book for will arrive this winter. My short horror comic, HollaWeen, will be finished as well. I’ve been working on it for over 10 years.

Another character from a movie will make its way into a comic book story. Baba, the African king, from The Death Pledge

As you can see, I have a full slate of projects to bring you.  I can’t wait to get these projects out there to you. I love seeing my characters and stories illustrated.  I couldn’t do it without my fans and my supporters.  I always put 200% of creativity into each of my works. You have my word.


 So, I was talking about the second comic book I wrote Imani the Killer, I killed Hip Hop. I wrote this in 2007 fresh off promoting Gold Digger Killer and my first visit to Comic Con. I was still frustrated with the state of Hip Hop and eager to express my thoughts through comic books. In this issue, I killed pimps and European enslavers. My comics were not always embraced by the existing Black comic cons. So, I started writing Horror comics. Like they were less violent or something. I think what happened was Horror comics found an audience with horror fans but, still not black comic fans. I think for a while the Black comics community had a very narrow view of the type of stories that could be told in comics. Now, things have changed and with social media and crowdfunding platforms, my comics have found a path directly to an audience. Even at the conventions, people are buying these comics. People have asked when am I going to write more Imani the Killers? It has inspired me. I didn't know that I had drank the juice of what the narrow Black comic community had said to me ten years ago. I think times have changed. I think Black comic people now see there are more than kid comics and Black superheroes.
This is my original comic pitch. I just read it again and it still sounds cool.


This is a story which is based on the Hip Hop Horror movie GOLDDIGGER KILLER.  The story centers around the incarceration of the lead character Imani AKA The GOLDDIGGER KILLER.  In the movie Imani preyed on men who she felt were disrespectful to women.  With an anger fueled by disturbing images of being raped and comments from her Gold digging friends only agitated her more.  She lured these men with her hot looks and killed them.  Her killing spree comes to an end after being caught by an undercover detective. 


The Comic Book story

After being sentenced to death by electrocution she has time to reflect on her actions and the emotions which caused them.  In the story we find that she killed a lot more men than the 12 she got convicted of.  In a boastful narration she shares stories of her rampage and fantasizes about killing other men.  Her limitless imagination allows her to venture off to far away lands in times past and possible futures to eliminate misogamy.  She dreams of killing men like Dracula and men from other planets.  Whether her imagination is triggered by an experience in jail or from a letter from a fellow poet it results into a blood gushing story.  This comic will take readers on a ride with a girl who creates an alternative reality where she goes from being an angry woman to a hero with a vengeance.


Why a Comic Book

The GOLDDIGGER KILLER story is a story that can work on many levels.  It worked as a Hip Hop Horror because it had a strong drama base, action and bloody killings.  It will also, work as a comic book because it the primary motives of the lead character allow her to explore an exaggerated reality which works excellent with comic books.  With the comic book stories the drama can be played down and the action and blood can be beefed up.  GOLDDIGGER KILLER is getting a lot of attention because it is a Hip Hop Horror.  Hip Hop Horror is a new hybrid film genre.  Telling the GOLDDIGGER KILLER story thru the comic book form would be even more unique.  Hip Hop has a growing number of comic books one of the most popular was Static Shock which was also made into a cartoon TV show.  A comic book based on a film as accepted as GOLDDIGGER KILLER is perfect for reaching the Hip Hop market.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New Feature Horror Film “The Death Pledge” is set to be released on VOD services this winter. The first of Jeff Carroll’s independently produced horror films that he directed himself. The Death Pledge is Jeff Carroll’s third film and his first slasher. Jeff Carroll an award winning filmmaker created a unique story set to give Black horror fans a cosplayable monster they can enjoy.


“The Death pledge" was a great opportunity not only to work with my brother but to work on a horror film to which I have a whole new respect.  There is an intensity with that level of storytelling and filmmaking that pushes you to the edge creatively. The death pledge is a wonderful project and speaks directly to the level of significance of ethnic based horror stories and even has found its place recently in news headlines with the continued discovery of Lost African American cemeteries Across the state of Florida and beyond,” said Marvin Coleman. Marvin and his twin brother Melvin were the cinematographers on this project. Known as the Coleman twins they operate out of Tampa.


Based on an original script by Jeff Carroll, the locally shot and edited “The Death Pledge” incorporates traditional narrative story-telling, as well as numerous forms of pioneering technology, futuristic look on fraternities and sororities, shot on location, hand-held cameras , and a grossed-out monster costume created by special effects artist Omar Sfreddo (SyFy Channel Face Off), The Death Pledge is a classic slasher film with a masked killer. It follows a group of college students pledging four different fraternities and sororities as they spend the night in a recently unearthed African Burial ground. All is fine until they find that a serial killing slave was also buried there and this pledge into a new life turns into a pledge of DEATH. 

 Horror Streetz: Summer 2020 features two horrifying and thrilling stories. Since the success of the movie Get Out the things that scare black people have become the go to fears.  In this issue of Horror Streetz I feature two stories that stem from things that Black people are scared of, white neighborhoods and white hate groups. In the first story Don’t let them get in your head it tells the story of a Black man who has to learn how to deals with the trauma of being a black man in America.  In Baba vs the Whitehoods, the Jason Voorhees like a masked serial killer from my movie The Death Pledge Baba is pitted against a group of white terrorists. 

 Planet Alkebulan, the first planet in the universe, is the source of all life.  It keeps producing lifeforms and sending them around the universe to suitable planets. Quhala is a mastress of the lifeforce. Quhala and her partner Shabaka are the guardians of Planet Alkebulan.  Quhala charges her arrows and other weapons with life sucking energy that drains all living beings.  Shabaka is armed with the Kem Sword a magical weapon that’s power is unknown.