Thursday, April 3, 2008

Imani the Killer 1st issue cover

1st Comic announcement

Hip Hop invades the World of Comic Books and Graphic Novels!
Coming summer 2008

Hip Hop Comix N Flix is proud to announces the release of there debut comic book IMANI the KILLER which is based on the Award-Winning Film, GOLD DIGGER KILLER.
IMANI the KILLER brings back the one woman (Imani) who can strike fear into the hearts of disrespectful misogynistic men who molest, rape and kill woman with no problem. Imani Hip Hop’s most popular rape victim was convicted for the murder of 11 men and women. All of them whom where guilty of only one thing MISOGYNY! After killing the 3 men who victimized her she vowed to never let men take advantage of her or any other women again. She was once susceptible to the lure of players but now she is hip to their game and the world will never be the same.

GOLD DIGGER KILLER. The film, winner of BEST feature of the 2005 International Hip Hop Film Festival (H2Oiff), was for released on July 24, 2007 by Polychrome Pictures and distributed by Warner Home Video.
The film told the story of Imani who is fired from a job that provides for her and her man, and she is threatened to lose all her comforts. Since they are were college students, her boyfriend feels they could move into the dorm. Unwilling to give up her luxuries she instead finds another man the type of man: who is willing to support a woman, A PLAYA! Not ready for the contained life of a cared for woman she becomes a victim or rape when the Playa feels he is being played. The film is set in the flashy Hip Hop world of bling, bling with cameos by the hottest poets and comics seen on HBO. Golddigger Killer was inspired by events of real women like Loraina Bobbit, who took revenge by cutting off her abusing husband’s penis. Also Clara Harris a Texas dentist who ran over her husband several times with her car. Working along the lines of Pam Grier’s “Foxy Brown” character.

Said STAR, host of the “Star and Bucwild” radio show, "everyone in Hip Hop should see this film”. GOLD DIGGER KILLER received 2 out of four stars and has been referred to numerous times on his morning show.Said Jeff Carroll, writer “Imani the Killer is just a simple manifestation of one of my wild thoughts. After doing promotion for my film Gold Digger Killer I was asked about writing a sequel and I said I would like to have Imani return to being a killer. This series is the manifestation of that dream. In this series Imani will use her imagination to travel and confront the haters of women everywhere”. About Hip Hop Comix N Flix:Started in 2008 by the award winning writer producer Jeff Carroll. Slated to publish Hip Hop stories into comic books and Graphic Novels. The first Graphic Novel will be a Hip Hop Horror double feature story issue.

About Jeff CarrollGOLDDIGGER KILLER was Jeff Carroll’s second film and it has screened in over 10 film festivals and film series. Jeff Carroll’s first film Holla If I Kill You, is the second rated all time best seller on, the number one site for cult movies. Jeff Carroll coined the term “Hip Hop Horror” and is pioneering this hybrid genre. Jeff Carroll lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and son. As well as being a writer and a filmmaker he is owner of Red, Black and Green Promotions a college entertainment company where he works as an entertainment agent. Jeff Carroll is a leading voice of Hip Hop male/female relations reform and tours College coaching students on dating. ###