Thursday, December 4, 2008

Read Jeff's New Horror Graphic Novel online.

By Jeff Carroll
When a kid, Cory goes to visit a friend, Ronald at College during Homecoming weekend also referred to as “HELLWEEKEND”. HELL WEEKEND is the weekend the College allows Fraternities and Sororities to pledge new members. Once on campus Cory finds himself pushed off on Ronald’s older roommate Herb who is a Theology major and Celibate Vegetarian. Ronald who is busy pledging a Fraternity who unbeknown to him is a Brotherhood of Vampires. The Vamps lead by an attractive thug type guy who is able to get any girl he wants even Herbs girlfriend. When Cory confronts Ronald over the Fraternities gang like behavior Herb and Cory realize that, it is up to them to save Ronald and the campus. So, when students start missing and Homecoming activities are confined to the campus Cory and Herb take action.