Monday, July 30, 2012

Yo Jeff launches a literary assault on Hip Hop with the release of GOLD DIGGER KILLER the novel!

Florida 2012 Jeff Carroll announces the release of his first novel Gold Digger Killer. Gold Digger Killer is story which so accurately showcases the drama of street relationships that lead to him becoming Hip Hop’s first dating coach. Published through his company Hip Hop Comix N Flix Gold Digger Killer a novelization on sell at bookfairs and conic book conventions now and will be available everywhere in the fall of 2012.

Yo Jeff hailed as the “Anti-Playa” by the Sun Senintal and a relationship guru by Chuck D now he’s put pen to paper by writing his classic Hip Hop film into a book. “It’s been over eight years since I wrote Gold Digger Killer and I am a much better writer now. Screening my film around the world gave me the opportunity to see the hot parts to supersize in the book,” said Yo Jeff. Gold Digger Killer the movie won 3 film awards, over 11 film festivals in both England and Africa as a horror film. Gold Digger Killer the novel is even more explosive and it explores aspects of the character that could not be done within the limits of a $10,000 film budget. This novelization mixes horror and fantasy in a way that exceeds the narrow thug glorifying confines of Hip Hop literature. This book is set to change Streetlit forever with it’s bold stance.

Gold Digger Killer is the first of a series of stories about Imani Flowers. Just as the screenwriter’s strike hit in 2008 Jeff was negotiating the sequel. This first book includes a 50 page comic which follows the events in the book.

Gold Digger Killer is the story of Imani Flowers a college student who is just a regular member of this Hip Hop generation. She is a hard working girl who struggles to find a man who can match her drive. Her current boyfriend is happy in mediocrity and has no problem living in the college dorms. Listening to her friends who say things like “life doesn’t wait for no one and life it too short to have to motivate a man.” So after encouragement from her friends who both have men that buy them expensive things and support them she ditches her college man and finds a man who already has money. However, Imani quickly learns that her independence is not in sync with the submissive etiquette of a cared for woman and when her Sugar Daddy feels he is being played she becomes a victim of rape. Imani breaks down and gets mad at the whole sub-culture of Hip Hop for encouraging men to play women. She then decides to seek revenge on the whole misogynistic Hip Hop sub-culture and becomes the notorious Gold Digger Killer.

Jeff Carroll lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and son. He is a writer, a filmmaker and owner of Hip Hop Comix N Flix. He enjoys writing Sci/fi, Horror and fantasy stories with lots of action and a social edge. He has written and produced 2 films, his second film which was Gold Digger Killer won 3 film awards including BEST Picture at the International Hip Hop film festival. Jeff Carroll is a Hip Hop activist and making the critical Gold Digger Killer film he went on to become Hip Hop’s first dating coach and is the author of the non-fiction book The Hip Hop Dating Guide. He has been speaking on Healthy Dating to college and high school students for over 6 years.

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