Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comic Oasis, Las Vegas's #1 Comic Book Store
Me and my new buddy Derrick the owner.
Jeff Carroll joined by Mike Mc Queen and my wife Nivia.

At the National Hip Hop Politcal Convention 2008
I moderated a panel with filmmaker Byron Hurt and Mona from the Hip Hop Film Festival

My wife Nivia interviewed Green Party VP, Candidate Rosa Clemente

Harlem Book Fair with old friend Claude DaCosta.
In Philly at the Eastcoast Black Age of Comics 2008, Temple University.
Chilling with my High School Hommies, Thad, Malik (OJ), Stan Smith and Tim.
A & S Comics, Teaneck New Jersey

Hip Hop Comix N Flix summer surplus sell off!
Special limited edition autographed comics of Imani the Killer issue 1 are now available online.

Hip Hop Comix-N-Flix is proud to announces the sell of extra copies of their first comic book IMANI the KILLER. After a busy summer of promotion special limited edition autographed comics of Imani the Killer issue 1 are now available online at Pyramid Books ( These books have no bar codes and will defiantly be collector’s items.

The Tour: Imani the Killer was finished in May and made its debut in Philadelphia at the East Coast Black Age of Comic Convention (ECBACC). It went on from there where it toured New Jersey for an in store signing at A & S Comics, Teaneck, NJ then to New York for the Harlem Book Fair from there it returned to South Florida for Florida Supercon. The last two stops on the tour was Comic Oasis in Las Vegas and the National Hip Hop Political convention. It was a fun tour and we made a lot of fans and sold a lot of comic books.
IMANI the KILLER brings back the one woman (Imani) who can strike fear into the hearts of disrespectful misogynistic men who molest, rape and kill woman with no problem. Imani Hip Hop’s most popular rape victim was convicted for the murder of 11 men and women. All of them whom where guilty of only one thing MISOGYNY! After killing the 3 men who victimized her she vowed to never let men take advantage of her or any other women again. She was once susceptible to the lure of players but now she is hip to their game and the world will never be the same.

GOLD DIGGER KILLER. The film, winner of BEST feature of the 2005 International Hip Hop Film Festival (, was for released on July 24, 2007 by Polychrome Pictures and distributed by Warner Home Video.