Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Short Story Published


Jeff Carroll’s first short story NO WORLD ORDER is published.
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March 2010, DreamDeep LLC announces the release of the Bloodlines Tales From The African Diaspora. Edited by Veronica Henry. Now available at (Kindle Edition) and Ebook Jeff Carroll’s first short story to be published is NO WORLD ORDER.

BLOODLINES,The Trans-Atlantic slave trade scattered millions of Africa's children across the globe. They are together, once again, in the pages of this short story collection. Featuring fourteen new voices from the African diaspora, these tales span the genres of literary, mystery, romance and science fiction. Through this collection, we weave another chapter into the fabric of our shared ancestry and we, the seeds of their struggle, pay homage to our ancestors.

NO WORLD ORDER is a report about the Poor People's War of the future told by a young African American journalist. This is a different kind of apocalyptic story where the world falls in the hands of the people who first had it. Find out how the World’s Super Powers were annihilated. Read the interviews and first hand accounts from the fighters and survivors.

Jeff Carroll lives in South Florida with his wife and son. He is a writer, a filmmaker and owner of Hip Hop Comix N Flix. He has written and produced 2 films, 2 comic books, a relationship workbook with his wife, 2 novels and is finishing up the manuscript for his relationship book. His second film Gold Digger Killer won 3 awards and was released by Warner Bros Home Video in 2007. In addition to his writings Jeff Carroll is the first Hip Hop dating coach and he speaks to college and high school students about healthy dating.

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