Monday, September 14, 2009

What Happens on Negro Mountain #1

Jeff Carroll’s New Comic Strip “What Happens on Negro Mountain” A gripping new Hip Hop Horror that will limit your travel plans.

October 1, 2009 Shriekfreak Quarterly will release its 5th issue, which will include Jeff Carroll’s new comic strip “What Happens on Negro Mountain”. With hot illustrations by Stacy Williams the strip focuses on the paranormal.

Negro Mountain is located on boarder, which divided the Colonial North and South most popularly known as the Mason Dixon Line. The Mountain was named “Negro” because an Africa Slave single handedly fought off the attackers to protect settlers. Now, Negro Mountain is said to be protected by the spirit of the African. The saying is Negro Mountain where bad things happen to bad people. When negative energy meets with the energy resting in Negro Mountain the out come is always the same The Mountain wins. So, check it out each issue to see What Happens on Negro Mountain.

ShriekFreak Quarterly is a new Horror Magazine that debuted on October 1st 2008. Our Debut Issue was a 64 page B&W Saddle-Stitched mag with a full color cover.

ShriekFreak Quarterly focuses on areas of horror fandom practically forgotten by other magazines. Alongside the typical movie material, ShriekFreak will tackle comic books, music (horror-punk, goth, etc...), books, role-playing games, conventions and other horror-geek material. Each issue will feature the gallery of an up and coming horror artist, original short fiction and a short horror comic in addition to news and reviews. We are working to get a few interviews from small budget horror directors and self published horror writers, as well as other talented individuals in the horror genre that you may have never heard of. ShriekFreak Quarterly is available as a pdf or as Print on Demand via Visit for more information.