Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yo Jeff shares fun group exercises in the Hip Hop Dating Activities book.



Florida, 2014 The Dibble Institute announces the release of The Hip Hop Dating Guide Activities book.  The Hip Hop Dating Guide Activities book is available to everyone for only $34.00.

The Hip Hop Dating Guide Activity Book is the “street-smart” approach to healthy dating for young adults. The Hip Hop Dating Guide Activity Book contains 15 fresh and engaging activities that resonate with today's youth. It teaches practical dating strategies to young adults, especially those who identify with the “street scene” - a sub-culture whose influence is powerful, but whose rules are fluid and unproven. It is for ages 14-24.  

The Hip Hop Dating Guide is the product of more than 25 years of research and firsthand experiences. Like most people, Yo Jeff has been speaking on male and female relations since he was in high school. This book presents solutions to some of the most irritating problems. This book follows his breadcrumb trail to the happily ever after. It covers how to meet people and how to maximize your dating process. It shows you how to deal with the “dating predators” who seek to break hearts and spread disease. You will learn how to maximize your personal dating process and get the most from your dating experience.

The Dibble Institute is a non-profit company which promotes relationship training for youth—especially in the context of dating and romantic connections.  The goal of the Dibble Institute is to help youth build a foundation for healthy romantic relationships now, and for lasting, positive family environments in the future.  Dibble offers Developing research-based teaching materials for schools and other youth settings, Educating opinion leaders and policy makers on the need for and value of relationship education and Training for teachers and youth instructors.  Dibble has received extensive professional recognition for our efforts in youth relationship education. Their teaching materials are used nationwide in classrooms, social agencies, community groups, and other youth settings.

Yo Jeff Carroll is an author, filmmaker and Hip Hop 1st Dating coach.  Yo Jeff uses healthy dating ideas and combines them with the fun and lively subculture of Hip Hop to show people how to address STDs, and Drama.  He lives with his wife and son in South Florida.  He is a contributor to Real Health magazine.  Yo Jeff has written for Swerv magazine America’s leader in Black LGBT health issues as well as College magazines and newspapers nationwide.  He wrote and produced the award-winning movie Gold Digger Killer and in 2005 his Hip Hop Dating Codes were endorsed by Hip Hop Culturalist KRS-ONE.  His workshop Stop the GAME is enjoyed by college students and people everywhere.  He has been a guest on NBC 6 Miami, New York’s Hot 97 and Air America with respected Hip Hop intellectual Chuck D. For more information visit his weekly blog at

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